News : A Financial Approach to Sustainability

Jan 22, 2015

Originally published on Seacoast Online. 

By Michael McCord 

Jeff Hiatt believes that when it comes to sustainability, helping a business stabilize its expenses often can go hand-in-hand with environmental stewardship.

Hiatt is the founder of Performance Business Solutions. From their offices in Hampton Falls, PBS serves clients both locally and nationally. Through the firm’s multi-phase consulting approach, they have helped hundreds of clients save millions of dollars since 1995. The firm uses rigorous expense reviews and energyefficiency programs that can add to a company’s bottom line.

Hiatt is connected to many of his clients through CPAs. He consults on how commercial real estate and apartment building owners can use ‘Cost Segregation Studies’ to accelerate depreciation of their properties. “From there we can pivot into a conversation about other savings opportunities,” he said. The next stage can be reducing energy usage by creating energy through sources such as solar, wind and geo-thermal generation. “Engineering studies can be utilized to fully assess the energy efficiency of the client’s property. The studies help to reduce expense and increase profits.” 

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