News : Out on a Limb

Dec 2, 2014

Published in Seacoast Online and Patch

By Barbara Perkins

Micum Davis has been shinnying up trees for more than seventeen years. A certified arborist, the 38-year-old describes his line of work as ‘aerial yoga meets circus act’. It definitely offers a jaw-dropping perspective, says Davis. And there’s an artistic element as well. Each tree is like a canvas to Davis, Cornerstone Tree Care’s founder. Because every tree has a unique form, Davis studies their basic structure before making his first move.

Trees can cause serious and life-threatening problems; limbs interfering with power lines, trees blocking roads and walkways, injuries and property damage are just a few. Pruning eliminates existing hazards while preemptive work – removing dead or weak limbs, can stave off potential damage from storms. A tree care job well done, turns out a better tree – safer, healthier and good looking.

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