News : Avoiding A Landfill Legacy

Dec 2, 2014

Published in the Portsmouth Herald and on Seacoast Online and on Fosters

By Kristyn Lak Miller

SOMERSWORTH — Leftovers from a restaurant dinner last only a few days in the refrigerator, yet the take-out container they’re in might last lifetimes in the landfill. Not if Favorite Foods has anything to do with it.

Founded nearly 30 years ago, community-based, environmentally-responsible Favorite Foods is fully committed to sustainable, local, and ethical food services. The family-owned company serves independent restaurants throughout New Hampshire and along the Maine seacoast, supplying each with quality products and innovative solutions. Part of Favorite Foods’ mission is to enhance the communities it serves — one way is by educating restaurants on the benefits of using compostable products, and encouraging the switch from conventional paper or Styrofoam.

“We started offering compostable products six years ago, and we now stock compostable trash bag liners, cutlery, several sizes of hot drinking cups and cold drinking cups, cup lids, drinking straws, soup containers, various sizes of plates, and take-out containers,” said Kelly Donohue of Favorite Foods. “Over the years, it’s become easier to find these types of products, and the costs have gotten much better. We use vendors that give us the best value. Products are starting to be made in the USA. We’ve even gotten some from Maine.”

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