News : A Worthy Conversion with NH company Leading the Charge

Nov 13, 2014

Published on Seacoast Online

By Michael McCord

NEWMARKET – What does the Mount Washington Auto Road have in common with a school transportation company in Brentwood? Both organizations are either planning to convert or have converted vehicles to run on Autogas, or propane fuel. It’s an energy efficient and cleaner-burning trend that is taking place all over the country, including right here at home in New Hampshire.

It's estimated that Proulx's AutoGas program will save Power Provider vehicles $1.50 to $2 a gallon on fuel.
Proulx Oil and Propane in Newmarket is the driving force behind the slow but steady growth of Autogas in the region. Company president Jim Proulx has become an Autogas evangelist in part because he tested out a conversion on his personal vehicle and has converted almost 75 percent of his company’s service fleet. He believes “the numbers don’t lie” that Autogas makes sound business sense as a reliable alternative fuel.

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