News : Modern Sustainability and Historic Charm

Oct 21, 2014

Published on Portsmouth Herald, Seacoast Online, and Portsmouth Patch

By Sam Ueda

How do you renovate and rebuild a century-old home for sustainability, but keep its historic properties intact? It takes a lot of planning.

In an effort to preserve the city’s rich heritage, Portsmouth has strict standards on renovations in its historic district. Those standards established the framework for how one family is renovating its early 1900s South End house into a high-performance home that marries energy efficiency and sustainable building materials with preservation of historic character.

“This project showcases how houses that have existed for centuries can be updated to make them more comfortable and energy-efficient without losing their historic character,” said EcoSound Builders' Ethan Korpi.

Homeowners Patrik and Carin Frisk, natives of Sweden, moved to the Seacoast for work. Because they wanted to live in Portsmouth’s historic district, but wanted to do so with the least environmental impact possible, they recruited architect Anne Whitney, EcoSound Builders, The Green Cocoon and Minute Men Painters.

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