News : Purely Organic Ahead of Lawn Care Curve

Sep 16, 2014

Published in Portsmouth Herald and on Seacoast Online

PORTSMOUTH — Purely Organic Lawn Care was started in 2003, when owner Jay Palladino made an unfortunate connection between his golden retriever getting sick and the newly applied fertilizer on the lawn at his Kensington home.

"I was an early investor in the organic fertilizer company Cockadoodle Doo but hadn't thought much about the chemicals on my lawn until my 6-week-old puppy passed out on the kitchen floor," Palladino said.While organic lawn care clicked as a business model, Palladino admits he was in unchartered territory. "I knew nothing about using organics and growing grass," he said.

Palladino said early challenges for his small company were due to a marketplace unprepared for Purely Organic's brand and not fully ready to embrace sustainability."We were ahead of our time," he said. "Most people preferred using chemicals and didn't give much thought to what it was doing to the water supply or the health of their family."

Consumer awareness about chemicals on lawns has changed dramatically in the past few years. Palladino said the shift has led to major growth in residential and commercial demand for safer and greener lawn care.

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