News : Net Zero Potential Becomes Reality in Rye

Sep 19, 2014

Published in Seacoast Online

RYE – “Green is good for all” is one of the practicing mantras at Futuro Builders. And in the case of a nearly-completed residential project in Rye, founder Jesse Ware and his company are truly practicing what they preach.

The net-zero home nearing completion in Rye Harbor may not be the first of its kind but Ware believes it will raise the bar for imaginative, cutting-edge sustainability design in the region.

Futuro Builders' net zero home build in Rye is projected to eliminate the homeowners energy bills.
When completed, the owners of this 2,400 square-foot home will not have a heating or electricity bill and are expected to actually generate energy credits. Due to a custom designed solar racking panel array, SIGA tapes to air seal the slab vapor barrier, and state-of-the-art Intus Windows that allow for superior insulation without sacrificing quality air ventilation, Ware said the home is an example of seamlessly merging smart sustainability and economics.

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