News : Green Olives: Two Ceres Street Cocktail Lounge Specializes in Sustainable Design

Sep 5, 2014

Published on SeacoastOnline

By Sam Ueda

PORTSMOUTH – It’s just before 8:00 p.m. on a Friday, and the decks of Poco’s Bow Street Cantina are quickly filling up. Inside, the soft glow of the sunset melts into the warm LED lamplight at Two Ceres Street, a cocktail lounge nestled inside Poco’s. Guests can sit in low chairs and gaze out at the waterfront, feeling the breeze blow in through the opened glass wall. During the winter months, Two Ceres Street is its own, separate entity, but between mid-May and September, the two establishments combine.

Two Ceres Street is transformative; it literally changes shape with the seasons. During the cold months, it’s a cozy hideout to snuggle up next to a martini in front of a roaring fireplace, complete with deep leather chairs and corner nooks. When late spring comes around, the glass doors open to a deck; the high-top martini tables and large leather couch are removed, and Two Ceres merges with Poco’s Bow Street Catina, giving its intimate lounge atmosphere some space to breathe.

“People don’t want to be inside on a beautiful summer day, so we made Two Ceres Street able to accommodate more of an outdoor atmosphere when it’s warm,” says Marlisa Geroulo, co-owner of Poco’s and Two Ceres Street. During the summer, guests at Two Ceres Street can enjoy the full Poco’s food and drink line-up, though its most popular martinis stay on the menu.

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