News : Balance Your Body and Mind, Balance for Life

Sep 23, 2014

Published on Seacoast Online

PORTSMOUTH – At less than a year of age, children start to find their balance. Everything becomes a stabilizer; a tool to pull themselves up and see the world from a few inches higher. Soon after finding their balance, they’re off running. Throughout one’s life, all sorts of aspects can alter one’s balance—usually for the worst. When balance starts to get compromised, freedom can go with that, while fear of falling may increase. Gateway Taiji, Qigong & Yoga Studio recognizes that maintaining balance is essential for health and safety, and offers classes to restore balance.

Starting October 7, Gateway will be offering two Taiji for Better Balance classes.
Since introducing Taiji classes focusing on bettering balance in 2012, Gateway has helped a slew of participants find their equilibrium. The classes were started after the New Hampshire Fall’s Risk Reduction Task Force offered a specialized training session to Taiji students/masters, as a way to reduce the incredibly serious threat that falls pose to the elderly. The task force required that all participants go on to teach the class themselves.

Bill Buckley, owner of Gateway Taiji, Qigong & Yoga, took the class in 2011, and immediately started offering the classes. While the Task Force set out to protect the elderly, Gateway has broadened the spectrum to help all who wish to improve their balance. When asked what the average age of participants in the Taiji For Better Balances classes (new session starts October 7 at Taiji), Buckley was quick to point out it’s not a class specific to age but rather to those seeking to find their center again; and that in any given class he’s had a range in ages that spanned more than 40 years.

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