News : Group net metering expands the possibility of solar power in the state

Aug 6, 2014

Published in the Concord Monitor 

By Allie Morris 

Dieter Ebert and his father, Dietrich, have long shared a passion for alternative energy. Now, they will build a 7,000-square-foot solar array near their neighboring North Hampton homes. Then, they will share the energy benefits with 10 friends and family members in the area.

The Eberts’ plan is possible under new state rules that allow group net metering.

The legislation, passed last year, permits a group of people, a business, a school district or a town – with multiple homes or offices on separate meters – to build one communal alternative energy source, which they can all use for power. In January, the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission released its first set of rules, which opened the door to project applications.

“Right away, I thought that was really interesting,” Dieter said. “My father and I thought it would be cool to build one solar array . . . to both get solar electricity.”

And as the architects of one of the state’s first fully permitted group net metering projects, the Eberts are now leading the emerging movement in New Hampshire. The father-son team plans to have their solar power system up and running by fall.

“We can’t continue to live on fossil fuels,” Dieter said. “I think it’s important to take this step.”

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