News : A Case of Mistaken Identity: Victoria’s Journey

Aug 4, 2014

Published on Seacoast Online.

By Mary Dempsey

DEERFIELD – Mary Doane first encountered Victoria, a sweet, two year-old, black lab, through one of her South Carolina dog-rescue connections. Victoria was languishing in the southern kill-shelter and had tested positive for heart worm. Her future looked grim. Doane, founder of Mary’s Dogs Rescue and Adoption in Deerfield, N.H. took action to save Victoria’s life.

Doane immediately got to work and started campaigning to raise money for the lovable, puppy-eyed dog. Doane reached out to the community by starting a financial campaign on She posted Victoria’s photograph and basic information next to a caption reading: “We can save her! This should NOT be a death sentence! It’s not going to be!” Online contributors helped raise over $800 to help save Victoria.

Sadly, because of Victoria’s heart worm diagnosis, she needed a foster home outside of New Hampshire, due to the state’s restrictions allowing heart worm positive dogs from entering the state. Its a law that might be unfamiliar to would-be pet adopters. That is one of the reasons Doane started her pet rescue organization, after she realized most families are undereducated on how to adopt or properly care for adopted dogs. Part of what Doane does is educate pet owners during difficult transition periods. Since February of 2011, Doane and her rescue team of eight have worked closely with kill-shelters in North and South Carolina to help find homes for dogs in need of a loving family.

Mary’s Dogs is also an advocate for organic, all-natural dog foods and treatments which is one of the reasons why Mary’s Dogs joined the Green Alliance, a union of eco-friendly businesses on the seacoast educating consumers and businesses about sustainability. According to Doane, adopting a homeless dog is “an ultimate act of sustainability.”

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