News : Get Your Kicks with new sport FootGolf

Jul 25, 2014

Published on Seacoast Online 

By Suzanne Laurent 

NORTH HAMPTON — On a recent morning, a group of four teenagers were waiting for directions on how to play a new sport offered at the Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club on North Road.

"This looks like it will be fun," said Sarah Labore. "Our friends came here and told us about it and we all wanted to do it."

Labore and her fellow players — Gabrielle Bussier, Molly Lachance and Brye Barna, all from Manchester — were not holding golf clubs, though.

They each had a soccer ball rented by the golf club, and they were getting ready to play a game of FootGolf.

"This is new to our course," said Kate Blais, golf club manager, who was giving the girls directions.

"The holes are deceiving," Blais said. "It's a lot harder than people expect them to be."

The 18 golf holes are 21 inches in diameter and the course crosses some of the club's regular 18-hole course.

Blais asked that the FootGolf players defer to the golf players if they needed to play through.

FootGolf started in the Netherlands in 2009, when a group of soccer players persuaded officials at a golf course in Holland to create a course. It came to the U.S. in 2011, when it was adopted by a golf course in California.

The rules and game play are essentially a fusion of golf and soccer. There are 18 holes to play and players must try to score with as few strokes as possible.

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