News : FootGolf is alive and kicking

Jul 7, 2014

Published on Boston Globe online. 

NORTH HAMPTON, N.H. — When my sixth tee shot veered sharply right, then bounced off the fairway, I was in trouble. My ball stopped on a tuft of grass and teetered above a small, muddy creek on the Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club. With one strong breeze, I would be taking a water-hazard-related, one-stroke penalty. Again.

Equally problematic, I couldn’t see a second-shot scenario that ended well. Neither could my playing partners. They figured my followthrough would propel me backward into the creek. I agreed. Ready to capture my splashdown, photographer Zack Wittman crouched a couple of yards away. “I’ve got to get this,” he said. There was anticipatory glee in his voice.

If only I had longer legs, I thought. Better yet, if only I had a golf club.

But this was FootGolf, a cross between soccer and golf, that left me standing creek-side with two options: short left leg or short right leg.

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