News : Foot golf gaining popularity at Seacoast club

Jul 9, 2014

Video segment on WMUR-TV

By Jennifer Crompton

NORTH HAMPTON - It started in Europe in 2009, moved to California two years later and has officially hit the Northeast.

It's a unique merger in the sports world -- foot golf.

With this new sport, players use a soccer ball instead of a golf ball. Instead of playing with clubs, players use their feet.

Just as their traditional counterparts do at Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club, foot golfers make tee times, though they tee off between orange markers. Then, they follow the rules of golf etiquette through 18 holes laid out alongside nine traditional ones, from 50-190 yards long.

“It’s definitely more forgiving and the learning curve for foot golf is much less than trying to take on 14 golf clubs, small white ball and hours of practice at the driving range,” said Richard Luff, the president of the Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club. Watch the full video on