News : Developing a Sustainable Masterpiece

Jul 3, 2014

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By Michael McCord 

PORTSMOUTH – One of the more spectacular green development projects in downtown Portsmouth should be completed later this year.

Simply known as 233 Vaughan Street, the $15 million project in the city’s northern tier is being developed and built by Chinburg Properties and will establish a high standard of sustainable development. It will combine 9,000 square-feet of first-floor commercial space and nine luxury condominiums including two luxury penthouses overlooking the Portsmouth skyline and harbor.

“The steel started going up in May and you can see the project’s progress on a day to day basis,” said Jen Chinburg, marketing director of Chinburg Properties which is one of the project’s principal partners. “The core and shell will be complete in the fall of 2014 with occupancy in spring 2015.”

Carla Goodknight, of Portsmouth’s CJ Architects, is the project architect.

"The journey to create this building began with an idea: to combine three desirable high performance green technologies in a unique building located in a great city," said Goodknight. "The building infrastructure comes at a premium. The frame will be steel throughout to support real trees and a grass growing green roof. The building envelope is sealed with foam insulation and designed to create energy demands so low that the geothermal system design by Petersen Engineering and will easily handle the heating and cooling loads. Petersen has a great deal of experience in this type of application and were instrumental in implementing the concept”

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