News : Rockingham Electric and The Lighting Center Help Customers See the Light

Jun 12, 2014

Published in the Portsmouth Patch and Seacoast Online

By Michael McCord

NEWINGTON – When it comes to energy efficiency and savings to the bottom line, LED and CFL lighting options are transforming homes and businesses.

Gino Milne, the branch manager for Rockingham Electric Supply in Newington, has more than three decades of experience in the lighting industry and he says that with each passing day residential and commercial customers are becoming better informed about making electric lighting more cost efficient today and tomorrow.

“I think there has always been a consciousness in the commercial sector about saving money on their electric bills because businesses are so acutely aware of their bottom-line,” Milne said. “But we’ve come a long way as far as residential awareness because customers now know and care about saving as much as possible on their home energy consumption.”

Founded in 1951, the family-owned company has grown to nine locations in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine (with a 10th to open soon in Lewiston, Maine) and it has been on the forefront of educating the general public and businesses about energy efficiency solutions.

 With the mandated shift away from incandescent light bulbs and as more evidence about cost and efficiency savings accumulates – and as the prices for CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) and LEDs (light-emitting diodes) stabilize – the pace of consumer and commercial demand has accelerated dramatically.

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