News : Harbor Eyecare Leads in Sustainability and Community

Jun 17, 2014

Published in Seacoast Online

By Patrick Martin

PORTSMOUTH – Running a successful business is no simple feat. So when an organization takes it upon itself to go above and beyond, those efforts should be acknowledged.

Harbor Eyecare Center (HEC) in Portsmouth, N.H. is one of those businesses. This eye care center houses several professionals who hold themselves to a higher degree of environmental and social responsibility, all the while offering the latest and greatest in eye care and eyewear.

“At HEC we take being a part of our community and a responsible business very seriously,” said Dr. Sarah Hudson, co-owner of HEC. “We know our patients are our neighbors and many of our friends have become our patients and vice versa.”

Dr. Hudson admits that at the beginning of her career in 1998, concern for the environment and sustainability was not a pressing issue in the eye care industry. As that bar has risen, however, HEC has not only kept up but actually become a leader as one of the region’s leading socially responsible and environmentally-aware eye care practices.

Hudson says that professionals and manufacturers of eye care products have come a long way since the old days when sustainability was not integrated into the industry and now “companies are making concentrated efforts to become greener.”

This trend is also true of Harbor Eyecare, whose facility underwent a massive physical transformation in 2011. The renovations resulted in large improvements to energy efficiency, which were nicely complimented by the staff’s implementation of a comprehensive recycling program.

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