News : At UNH Dairy Bar, Education In The Salad

May 12, 2014

Published on NHPR

By Michael Samuels

An on-campus eatery makes sustainability a learning experience.

Colleges and universities are moving toward greener, more local sources for the ingredients that go into what students are eating. That's particularly true for places like the University of New Hampshire, which was originally founded as an agricultural school, and is still a big innovator in food production.

One of UNH's many answers to the call for sustainable food is the Dairy Bar.

“We have a lot of products that are local or that we make in-house,” says senior Amanda Taitel, who has worked at the Dairy Bar for three years, preparing and serving sandwiches, soups, salads, and ice cream. “One of the things we're most proud of is the UNH high tunnels. There are two of them, and we get most of our greens there throughout the year as well as our leaf lettuce. Then, in the summer, we get our tomatoes when they're available, some cucumbers, radishes, carrots, stuff like that.”

The Dairy Bar operates like a casual restaurant but is part of UNH Dining, and mainly employees students. But Taitel, who majors in Environmental Sustainability and Eco-Gastronomy, says it's not just a job. “My advisor actually told me to maybe come in here, and that I'd be a good fit,” she recalls.

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