News : Sprouting Solar Gardens

May 28, 2014

Published in Busniess NH

By Michael McCord

Spring is in the air, but flowers and vegetables are not the only gardens growing in the Granite State.  Eco entreprenuer Andrew Kellar, who founded Simply Green, a successful biofuel company in the Seacoast, is now tackling solar energy with his newest venture, NhSolarGarden.  

Kellar launched Stratham-based NhSolarGarden in January on the hells of new legislation allowing group net metering, the basis for his new venture.  NhSolarGarden is a community solar developer that works to establish solar arrays to power one location, and then shares the value of the excess power with another location, as long as the same utility company services them.  

Kellar works with financing groups to find farmers and other land owners, malls, warehouses, or other building owners who are willing to lease land or roof space for these arrays.  He then helps them with recruiting residents, businesses and municipalities to join these community solar gardens. The excess power generated by these arrays is sold back to the utilities, with the profit going to the financers as well as members of the solar garden, who save up to the equivalent of 1.5 cents per kilowatt-hour on their monthly electric bill.  Participants receive a rebate check every six months.  

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