News : Recycle Your IT Waste the Environmental Way on May 17 in Hampton

May 13, 2014

Pubished in Seacoast Online and the Hampton-North Hampton, Portsmouth, Exeter, and Salem Patch sites

By Craig Robert Brown

Each year there's a new electronic device we're itching to buy, whether it’s a smartphone, TV, tablet or computer, we're inundated with messages telling us to upgrade. So what happens when we do upgrade? Where does an old iPhone or laptop end up? Some consumers wipe the memory from their devices and donate their old equipment to charities that refurbish the technology. But sadly, many people throw their electronics out with the household trash, which can lead to both environmental and personal data issues.

On May 17 from 8 a.m. to noon, MetalWave, Inc. will support a large-scale recycling event located in the lot of the Old Hampton Court House and the fire department headquarters on 130 Winnacunnet Road in Hampton. Items to bring include any end-of-life IT products, from laptops, servers and PCs, to keyboards, mice, printers, hand-held electronics such as smart-phones, tablets, PDAs and household items like telephones and televisions. The event is open to southern New Hampshire residents living within the Southeast Regional Refuse Disposal District - Brentwood, Fremont, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Kensington, New Castle, North Hampton, Rye, Sandown and South Hampton. Due to the popularity of the event, residents from outside these areas might risk being turned away.

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