News : Montessori School Builds Vernal Pool Viewing Deck for Students

May 13, 2014

Published in Foster's Daily Democrat, SeacoastOnline, the Portsmouth, Hampton-N. Hampton, Exeter, and other Patch sites.

By Sam Ueda

Kids are naturally adventurous. They play in the mud, get their clothes dirty, and are often fearless about their surroundings. But how do you engage this sense of discovery in an educational setting?

Ainsley, 10, student at the Brixham Montessori Friends School in York, shares her discoveries in the vernal pool, situated naturally outside the school.

“There’s some frog eggs this year, there’s a lot of plants. It’s questionable whether there’s poison ivy… We’ll find out.”

The Brixham Montessori School in York has built a wooden viewing platform and a boardwalk for the vernal pools that appear on the school’s grounds in the spring. On the deck, students can lie on their stomachs and cup their hands into the water to view the amphibious life, as well as the surrounding flora. When the school moved to their new location in York, they discovered a new opportunity to educate students using the natural resources right in their yard.

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