News : Great Works Chiropractic celebrates 3 years with spring extravaganza

May 2, 2014

Published in Seacoast Online, Foster's Daily Democrat, and the Patch sites

SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — If you've ever had a seething migraine, a back pain so bad that it sidelined you for days, or even a simple case of feeling lethargic and not at your best, the cause could very well be a long-ago accident or even birth trauma.

Many don't realize that their everyday aches and pains can stem from stressors encountered years prior. The lasting symptoms can take years to surface and, when they do, treating them with pills might not be the answer.

According to Dr. Seth LaFlamme, of Great Works Chiropractic & Wellness in South Berwick, most health problems can be traced back to traumas that appear mild at first, but pose serious problems later in life. Dr. Seth's Great Works practice has been helping Seacoast residents heal from these traumas and strengthen their overall wellness for three years now. To recognize that three-year mark, he is holding an old fashioned family-style party.

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