News : Granite State of Mind

May 5, 2014

Published in Coastal Home

By Jim Cavan

Few nicknames resonate with more authority than the Granite State, that steadfast New Hampshire moniker that serves as a reflection of the state's people as much as it does the endless bounty of rock below.

During the nineteenth century, New Hampshire boasted one of the country's largest -- if not the largest -- granite industries in the country. Even today, the town of Milford, still known colloquially as "Granite Town," houses a now-defunct quarry made famous for its part in helping construct the US Treasury Building, whose New Hampshire stone pillars can still be seen on the back of the ten dollar bill.

While the granite mining industry has since largely fallen by the wayside, one New Hampshire company is determined to make sure that both the narratives of a people's resourcefulness and of a proud state's namesake continue to thrive.

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