News : ENH Power Brings Honest Business Practices to the World of Electricity

May 29, 2014

Published in SeacoastOnline and Portsmouth, Hampton, N. Hampton, Exeter, Nashua, Merrimack and Salem Patch sites

By Emily Norloff

Few disagree that having the choice of an electric supplier has been good for New Hampshire. Competition has resulted in lower electricity prices. Unfortunately competition for the consumer’s dollar has some power companies straying from an honest path to better off their own wallets.

New England owned ENH Power hopes to avoid the further tarnishing of the electrical industry through upfront and transparent business practices.

Recently, several electricity supply companies have come under fire for customer contracts and terms that include a variable rate; any interest rate or dividend that changes on a periodic basis.

Variable rate products usually go without a second glance until times of high energy usage. Cold winter weather and warmer summer months result in a spike in energy use. This past winter consumers with variable rate plans experienced up to a 300 percent increase in energy rates.

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