News : adaptDESIGN Green Story: Redefining Green Architecture

May 8, 2014

Published in the Portsmouth Patch

By Theresa Conn

AdaptDESIGN, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, takes pride in bringing sustainability into every aspect of their architecture firm. Robert Cook and Paul Fowler, cofounders of Adapt, specialize in designing beautiful homes that complement the land they are built on. By focusing on three fundamental aspects of architecture - creative practicality, durability, and regionalism – Adapt designs homes that please environmentalists and architecture lovers alike.

For Cook and Fowler, creative practicality comes with constant assessment of the size, scale, and program of each project. By considering how a building will naturally fit into a site, Adapt can maximize energy efficiency. For example, many homes designed by Adapt have large southerly windows that take advantage of passive solar heating. According to Cook, creating energy-efficient buildings is not a far fetched dream; “it’s just good design. We design homes that fit the build site.”

AdaptDESIGN creates homes that can be enjoyed for years to come. By building with durable, high-quality materials, homes last for many generations. This reduces waste and benefits both the environment and the homeowner. When choosing building materials, Adapt prefers to work with local business owners. This cuts down on transportation costs and improves the local economy. By combining creative practicality, durability, and regional purchasing, AdaptDESIGN has incorporated sustainability into the backbone of their business.

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