News : Ultra Geothermal Extends Warmth in Both Work and Community

Apr 16, 2014

Published in Portsmouth, Exeter, N. Hampton - Hampton, Salem Patch Sites

By Craig Robert Brown

Before becoming Ultra Geothermal in 2007, Ultra Heating and Cooling was just a conventional HVAC company that also happened to install geothermal systems. With over a decade of installations, Ultra, now a geothermal-exclusive company, has installed more than 750 systems in New Hampshire including one of UNH's dorm buildings with 48 rooms.

Owner Melissa Aho maintains that, while geothermal has certainly become more popular in recent years, the technology has always been – and in many ways remains – price indicative. That is: you often have to pay more up front in order to see greater savings down the road. “As a company, we feel customers come to you and want to pay for the best service and quality possible,” says Aho. “We felt the only way to achieve that was to focus solely on geothermal, in short because everything else – and especially oil – was becoming so volatile and unpredictable.”

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