News : Roommates Unwanted: Protecting Your Home from Carpenter Ants

Apr 9, 2014

Published in Seacoast Online, Portsmouth, Exeter, Hampton-N.Hampton, and Salem Patch sites


ELIOT – Tom Pray is the Sherlock Holmes of the insect world. Instead of solving murder mysteries, he specializes in solving insect enigmas. He searches homes for clues: where are insects coming from? How much damage have they caused and what’s the best way to get rid of them? For Pray this is what makes the job exciting: every day is new and solving a customer’s problem is what brings him satisfaction.

April begins carpenter ant season here in New England, where ants are the most commonly reported pest. Tens of thousands of homes in New Hampshire are affected, causing millions of dollars of damage nationwide. Even seeing just one ant can mean an infestation. According to Pray, if there’s one there’s probably more. Lots more.

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