News : 900 Degrees Pizzeria Is Sustainably Delicious

Apr 21, 2014

Published in the Green Energy Times

By Tricia Dinkel

“Food snob” might sound like a pejorative term to most, but for Priscilla Lane-Rondeau, it’s nothing short of a badge of honor. Rondeau, owner of 900 Degrees Neopolitan Pizzeria in Manchester, New Hampshire credits growing up on a small “gentleman’s” farm – replete with carefully tended gardens, beloved livestock, and a distinctly do-it-yourself ethos – for her steadfast commitment to quality food, homespun comfort, and an ever-growing green ethos.

Located in one of Manchester’s historic old mills, 900 Degrees was launched in an effort to create pizza as they were originally conceived in Naples, Italy hundreds of years ago. The process is as familiar as it is timeless: using a wood-fired brick oven fired up to as high as 1200 degrees, the crew uses authentic, daily-made dough, fresh ingredients, and a cacophony of flavors local and exotic alike to create this classic dish the way it was originally intended. But that’s not all the restaurant offers. Other offerings at 900 Degrees such as soups and salads, pastas, appetizers and desserts are, like the restaurant’s famed pizzas, all made using local organic ingredients whenever possible.

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