News : Q&A with NhSolarGarden founder Andrew Kellar

Mar 11, 2014

Published in New Hampshire Business Review

By Michael McCord

Co-founder of the Green Alliance, Andrew Kellar is no stranger to innovative green ventures.

‘The key to supporting a growing infrastructure and distributed solar generation across the state is to use the grid at a local level,’ says Kellar, founder of NhSolarGarden. ‘We don’t need a large $10 million project to kickstart widespread development.’

When it comes to spreading solar power generation in New Hampshire, green entrepreneur Andrew Kellar believes that waiting for solutions from government or large corporations won't work.

For the past two years, he has formulated an ambitious and potentially game-changing plan to create Stratham-based NhSolarGarden, which has a goal of making solar energy plentiful in the state by going small, one community at a time.

The plan involves a decentralized and entrepreneurial approach that taps into grassroots support by connecting small to medium-sized solar installations on farms, other property and suitable rooftops throughout the state to members who sign up for service and get a twice-yearly rebate – while paying nothing extra for solar energy.

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