News : NHSolarGarden Mentioned on NHPR

Mar 6, 2014

Interview originally aired on New Hampshire Public Radio.

NH Solar Garden combines the fields of electricity and power with farming and agriculture. Several other New Hampshire businesses and consumers have adapted the same method for distributing electricty. These businesses participate in "group net metering" which allows small groups of people to utilize solar pannels provided by the business. Companies are permitted to do this thanks to the new state law for "net-metering." New Hampshire locals can fill out a form to see if they qualify to receive electricity from NH Solar Garden's farm sites. The idea is that Seacoast residents will visit the NH Solar Garden local food garden and purchase electricity from them as well. 

NHPR's radio guest during the interview was David Brooks from the Nashua Telegraph and He talked about the new practice of purchasing electricity from businesses like NH Solar Garden. The consumers submit reports and wait to get accepted, similar to becoming a member of a club. A financial arrangement is put in place where money is distributed back to consumers depending on the amount of electricity used. The process of "group net metering" makes it easier for more people to switch to solar energy. This method prevents wasted solar panel grids and benefits both the property owners and customers. 

Listen to the full interview on NHPR.