News : Kids Eat Right Presentation to Raise Awareness of Hunger in Our Community

Mar 21, 2014

Published in the Exeter and Hampton-No. Hampton Patches

By Madelaine Swymer

EXETER — Supporting its community is imperative to Starry Brook Natural Medicine and its team. Patients are given individual attention and offered alternative, holistic approaches to health care. Its focus on quality and understanding of each patient provides a more personalized approach to medicine.

Starry Brook is green certified with the Green Alliance. It utilizes eco-friendly practices such as using natural and organic products, and promoting sustainability. Its knowledgeable mindful staff uses their skills to help their patients and community beyond offering traditional health care through nutritional consultations, acupuncture, yoga therapy, Reiki sessions, dietary supplements, and massage therapy.

In that vein, on April 5, Registered Dietitian Alicia Rossman of Starry Brook will be leading a community lunch and learn discussion to educate community members on the issue of hunger and obesity. Hunger can strike any family. It affects children, individuals, families, and communities alike. Educating community members about hunger can spark positive changes and create support for local food pantries and struggling families. Rossman will educate participants about what they can personally do to help this cause.

This presentation will not only raise awareness of hunger and its link to obesity, but also teach participants about healthy snack options for the whole family. It will even teach attendees ways to stay fuller for longer. After the presentation there will be an open discussion for community members to weigh in about hunger, healthy eating, and ask questions.

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