News : Contemporary Artistic Collaboration Raises Aesthetics of its Constituent Parts

Mar 6, 2014

Published in Portsmouth Patch 

By Madelaine Swymer

PORTSMOUTH — Coalescing grace of human form with beauty in craftsmanship and expression, two local concerns are synergizing their respective strengths to feature local artistry.

The Drift Gallery now has exhibition space at Zev Yoga.

The idea seemed a suitable fit for both organizations’ principals. A few months ago, Jonas Zev Amberger, owner and teacher of Zev Yoga, contacted Ali Goodwin, the director and curator of Drift Gallery in Portsmouth, with an idea to collaborate. Jonas Zev and his wife Amylyn wanted to take further advantage of Zev’s beautiful studio space. It seemed fitting as the studio in a past life was once an Art Gallery. The partnership brings a new installment each month to Zev’s studio space. Public artist receptions will coincide with Portsmouth’s First Friday Art ‘Round Town gallery walk.

The Drift Gallery, an internationally recognized contemporary art gallery, exhibits artwork from various mediums such as painting, jewelry, photography, and sculpture. It also offers art classes and workshops and hosts public and private special events. Just last year the gallery moved from its Kittery location to the historic Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion Historic Site in Portsmouth.

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