News : NhSolarGarden: A new green energy dynamic for N.H.

Feb 11, 2014

Published in The Portsmouth Herald

By Michael McCord

STRATHAM — How do I get involved? It's a question asked by a growing sector of green-energy conscious consumers who want to use locally generated clean energy but can't put a solar panel or array on their roof or in their back yard.

Andrew Kellar, who founded the biodiesel fuel company Simply Green, has started another innovative company. His NhSolarGarden has ambitions to transform the solar energy industry throughout the state. The plan is to create a decentralized and entrepreneurial approach that could have a dramatic multiplier impact on local economies, lead to greater land conservation and boost sustainable agriculture.

"The key to supporting a growing infrastructure and distributed solar generation across the state is to use the grid at a local level," said Kellar, who also co-founded the Green Alliance.

The union of local sustainable businesses promotes environmentally sound business practices and is a green co-op offering discounted green products and services to its members.

Solar energy generation is just the starting point. Like the benefits of a thriving community garden or local farmers market, Kellar's model embraces multiple, flexible facets that merge into an organic whole. First, consumers can become NhSolarGarden members at no cost and buy energy generated by the company's solar placements. They will get bi-annual solar rebates while simultaneously supporting local farmers and landowners who lease their land for the solar installations.

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