News : Green Collar Careers Laura MacKay, owner, Acorn Organic Salon

Feb 18, 2014

Published in Fosters Daily Democrat and The New Hampshire 

By Theresa Conn

With locations in Dover and Exeter, Acorn Organic Salon has proved that it’s possible for a beauty salon to “go green.” Laura MacKay, 37, became interested in creating an eco-friendly salon after discovering the negative impact toxic hair products can have on the environment and on our bodies. “It’s incredible, the amount of chemicals we put on ourselves every day,” says MacKay. “Some of those toxic chemicals are flushed down the drain as well, and end up in the water supply.”

Every product at Acorn is vetted for toxicity and naturalness. Along with only carrying environmentally friendly products, Acorn has found other ways to operate sustainably. The salons feature sustainable cork flooring, energy efficient light fixtures, and water conservation measures. Acorn also provides cut hair for matts that naturally soak up oil spills. MacKay has found a niche in the beauty industry that has not quite caught on to the “green” fad but is now trending that way on the Seacoast in part because of the influence of her two salons.

Acorn has recently moved to share a space in the same building as Dover Naturals, a health food store that makes literally the perfect sustainable neighbor!

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