News : Environmental action is picking up steam

Jan 8, 2014

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

By Jim Cavan

NEWMARKET — It's not very often that a political movement with roots in campus activism makes its way to the board rooms and e-mail blasts of mainstream financial institutions.

Then again, divestment has never been just an ordinary movement.

While the term has long been a financial staple, divestment first entered the social-political lexicon back in the 1960s, when students from all over the world began pushing their colleges and universities to pull money out of South Africa, by then firmly embroiled in a decades-long struggle with apartheid.

After years of piecemeal victories, the divestment movement was eventually cited by none other than Nelson Mandela — activist, political prisoner, eventual President, Nobel laureate — as having played a key role in his country's political catharsis.

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