News : January 2014

Compelling Stories About Business Partners His Legacy, Cavan to bid GA Farewell

Jan 30, 2014

Published in Portsmouth Patch and Seacoast Online

By Heikki Perry 

PORTSMOUTH — Jim Cavan, wordsmith extraordinaire, the Green Alliance’s outgoing director of communications, started a story titled “Pest Control, Naturally” this way:

“Chances are we’ve all had the experience: It’s the first truly warm day of the year — early April, let’s say — and you’ve just gotten back from an unseasonably balmy walk in the woods. You come through the front door, take off your shoes, head to the kitchen to start preparing the night’s dinner, and happen from the corner of your eye upon a trail of slowly moving black specks on the counter.

“Carpenter ants. Dozens of them — and that’s just in plain view. Here in New England, ant infestation constitutes one of the most common pest problems, affecting some tens of thousands of households in New Hampshire alone and causing millions of dollars of damage nationwide.

Green Maids Focuses on Improving Health with Safe and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service

Jan 23, 2014

Published in the Portsmouth Patch

By Sam Ueda

You see the labels in the supermarkets: toxic, poisonous, hazardous. All things that end up on countertops or poured down the drain, and these chemicals can put the health of you, your family, and your local ecosystem in danger. But is it possible to clean your house effectively without these hazardous chemicals? Green Maids is a cleaning service based in York Harbor, ME, that is making strides towards greener cleaning practices on a daily basis.

Large name-brand cleaning products can be corrosive and damaging to humans and animals. reports that these chemicals can cause both acute and chronic symptoms, ranging from respiratory irritation, headaches, and allergies to even contributing to the development of cancer. In addition, chemical cleaners that are washed down the drain often do not break down organically and end up in our water supply, affecting our drinking water and aquatic wildlife.

Owner John O'Brien is committed to providing a kid, pet, and earth-friendly cleaning service with Green Maids.

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Meet a Green Alliance Business

Jan 23, 2014

Published in Seacoast Online

Who: Redhook Ale Brewery

What: A New-England staple since 1996, Redhook Ale Brewery has for more than a decade helped define the rise of the American microbrew. But while the Portsmouth-based Redhook might be known for its famous line of bold and flavorful brews, its growing list of green initiatives and policies are going a long way in setting Redhook even further apart from the competition.

Where: 35 Corporate Drive at Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth.


What makes it green:

-- Installed compact fluorescent lighting throughout the facility.

-- Uses water treatment and filtration system that cuts down not only on water used, but electricity as well.

-- Diverts spent grains from brewing process to regional dairy farms.

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Two Firms Promote Canine Health, Safety and Happiness

Jan 22, 2014

Published in Seacoast Online and Fosters Daily Democrat

By Herb Perry

Two local companies that are dedicated to bettering dogs’ lives are collaborating in ways that benefit each firm, and by doing so, they are furthering the causes to which they strive to assist.

The Natural Dog and Holistic Cat in Portsmouth has created a synergistic alliance with Deerfield-based Mary’s Dogs Rescue & Adoption, improving the health, well-being, safety, and happiness of rescued dogs and generating good will and business for a leading-edge pet supply store.

Dawn Price, a registered dietician and pet food industry expert, with her husband, Jeff, opened The Natural Dog, Inc. in Newburyport in 2005 and The Natural Dog and Holistic Cat in 2013, which is also helping Mary’s Dogs. Both stores are committed to providing the most healthy, all-natural, organic, green and responsibly manufactured pet foods and supplies out there. The Natural Dog stands as a beacon of what’s possible when nutrition, sustainability, and good old-fashioned localism stand at the fore of a business’s ethics.

Proulx knows his customers

Jan 22, 2014

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

By Morey Stettner

NEWMARKET -- When your company delivers heating oil and propane, you stay close to your customers. They depend on you to keep them warm, especially when temperatures dip below zero.
Jim Proulx, 51, runs a family business with about 40 employees that began in 1944. He is president of Proulx Oil & Propane in Newmarket.

Question: What was your first job?

Proulx: I was a newspaper carrier for The Exeter News-Letter in the early 1970s. I took over a route from my brother, who took it over from a neighbor. I started with 33 customers and ended with something like 72. I credit my dad, Maurice. He knew every house in our neighborhood from selling oil and heating equipment and he would let me know when someone new moved in.

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Starry Brook Natural Medicine in Exeter expands holistic care and insurance coverage options

Jan 18, 2014

Published in Seacoast Online

By Jim Cavan

For Starry Brook Natural Medicine, a naturopathic doctor’s office in Exeter, there are always options beyond the ordinary for medical treatment. Recently, the business has expanded to include two new practitioners to bring a wider range of holistic healing to the Seacoast.

Starry Brook is a standard family practice. According to H.B. 351 in New Hampshire, naturopathic doctors are classified as primary care providers. The practice takes insurance plans, can prescribe medication, and can diagnose medical conditions. The difference with Starry Brook is its reliance on holistic and natural medicine to provide solutions to medical problems that may not be wholly solved by mainstream medicine. Starry Brook offers everything from acupuncture to hydrotherapy. More recently, it has expanded its services to include Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, and nutritional counseling.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters Partners

Jan 15, 2014

Posted in Fosters Daily Democrat

PORTSMOUTH -- Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Seacoast is excited to announce its partnership with 12 local high schools and sites in the community. The School & Site Based Mentoring Program has allowed for adults and high school students across nine different towns on the seacoast to be matched with young children from the BBBS program.

The school setting gives adults with busy schedules a set time to volunteer such as during their Little's lunch period or after school gets out. Bigs benefit a child's life by giving them someone to look up to and to create a special bond with. The matches spend one hour together every week hanging out, reading books, helping with homework, or simply talking.

“William Allen School is lucky to be selected as a school for the Big Brother Big Sister Program,” says Julie Thompson, Guidance Counselor at the William Allen School. “It is a resounding success!”

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Favorite Foods Named Distributor of the Year

Jan 14, 2014

Published in Foster’s Daily Democrat

SOMERSWORTH -- Favorite Foods was recently named the 2013 New England Food Service Distributor of the Year by the Griffin Report of Food Marketing, a renowned “voice” of the food industry in the Northeast.

Favorite Foods, a Green Alliance Business Partner, has dedicated the last 26 years to providing high quality food products and excellent customer service to local, independently owned restaurants and businesses. President and owner Chris Barstow says Favorite Foods “will continue to be driven by customer needs and a deep desire to see these restaurants succeed and achieve their goals.”

Favorite Foods provides innovative methodologies as a premier independent food distributer catering to facilities in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. They incorporate ongoing initiatives to insure the company is functioning from an environmental perspective. Favorite Food’s green behavior includes recycling, using LED and CFL light bulb alternatives, and switching to bio-diesel in company-used trucks.

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Environmental action is picking up steam

Jan 8, 2014

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

By Jim Cavan

NEWMARKET — It's not very often that a political movement with roots in campus activism makes its way to the board rooms and e-mail blasts of mainstream financial institutions.

Then again, divestment has never been just an ordinary movement.

While the term has long been a financial staple, divestment first entered the social-political lexicon back in the 1960s, when students from all over the world began pushing their colleges and universities to pull money out of South Africa, by then firmly embroiled in a decades-long struggle with apartheid.

After years of piecemeal victories, the divestment movement was eventually cited by none other than Nelson Mandela — activist, political prisoner, eventual President, Nobel laureate — as having played a key role in his country's political catharsis.

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Meet a Green Alliance Business: Snappii

Jan 6, 2014

Published in the Portsmouth Herald 

Who: Snappii

What: Launched in 2011, Snappii aims to provide creative, custom mobile phone applications for small businesses in every sector. To date, Snappii has led the development of thousands of different mobile apps, all while supporting 17 different languages, offering ease of use and flexibility.

Where: 118 Piscataqua Road, Durham


What makes them green: Snappii works with community businesses to enhance their marketing capabiltities, thus supporting the local economy. The many mobile app features at Snappii help cut down on use of energy and materials, such as paper. Development of the Green Alliance mobile app further enhances the exposure of GA businesses throughout the community. You can click here to learn more about what makes Snappii green!

A Change in Lighting

Jan 6, 2014

Published in the Portsmouth Herald on January 6th, 2014

By Heikki Perry 

PORTSMOUTH - Two months after Rockingham Electric loaned Liberty Mutual six LEDs to illuminate the parking lot at its Borthwick Avenue campus, Liberty Mutual decided to replace 55 of its metal halide lights with LEDs, which Rockingham supplied.

And that caused concern at the utility company.

"After we installed LED lights, the electric company thought that there might be something wrong with our meter. It noticed that our usage in the parking lot was down 56 percent in June," said Jeffrey LaPointe, manager of IT facilities at Liberty Mutual's Portsmouth office. "It was kind of nice that we weren't the only one noticing the drop in our monthly electricity charge."

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Durham solar project generating regional buzz

Jan 6, 2014

Published in Foster's Daily Democrat on December 29th, 2013

By Casey Conley

DURHAM — As of this week, the Durham's 120 kW solar energy project is fully up and running.

ReVision Energy flipped the switch on solar panels atop Churchill Rink and the Durham Police Station Dec. 23, and both have begun generating power. The solar array on the Durham Public Library has been online for several weeks.

The $410,000 project, which was nearly three years in the making, was possible through a partnership with Maine-based ReVision that required no up-front costs.

Now, several other communities have taken note of that partnership, which is relatively unique in Granite State.

Durham Town Administrator Todd Selig has discussed its project with Barrington's town administrator and met recently with a Hampton School District delegation. He also sent a copy of its agreement with ReVision to Plymouth State University.

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Green Collar Careers: Shane Carter, President/Owner of Ridgeview Construction

Jan 6, 2014

Published in Foster's Daily Democrat

By Theresa Conn

Ridgeview Construction, based out of Deerfield, has been one of New England’s sustainable contractors for nearly a decade. Specializing in eco-friendly construction, Ridgeview builds and renovates homes with both the environment and the local community in mind. President and Owner Shane Carter, 41, created Ridgeview in 2005 after realizing that there was a need for environmentally conscious contractors in the region. By utilizing breakthrough building practices, working with nature, and giving back to the community.

Along with helping his company grow, Carter has also been intimately involved in the community: He sits on the New Hampshire Green Building Council, is a part of the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of New Hampshire, and volunteers at Habitat for Humanity. Although “sustainability” has become just a buzzword to many people, the concept means much more to Carter.

“Sustainability is part of the fabric of who I am,” Carter says. “It’s the foundation on which I base my interactions with the world. Whether it’s the way I run my business or how I live my personal life, I try to live in a sustainable way; a way that has as little impact on the environment as possible.”

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Only the best at Natural Dog

Jan 6, 2014

Published in Foster's Daily Democrat

By Jim Cavan

PORTSMOUTH -- For as famous as the old adage is, “man’s best friends” – how we feed, treat, and care for them – have traditionally been given pretty short shrift.

So long as it’s edible or durable, we’re often willing to look past the actual product, and the people and practices behind it – especially if it means paying a little less at the checkout counter.

It’s an attitude that Dawn and Jeff Price are trying to change one leash and treat at a time.

As the two principles behind The Natural Dog and Holistic Cat, the Prices have already proven that offering more all-natural, organic, and responsibly manufactured pet foods and goods can be a recipe for sustainable success. 

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