News : Seacoast Volkswagen, a Car Dealership Unlike Any Other

Dec 11, 2013

Published in the Seacoast Online Green Alliance Blog on December 10th, 2013. 

By Meghan Curtis

GREENLAND — With a host of green initiatives occurring at an almost infinite rate, Seacoast Volkswagen is one of the green leaders in the car industry. Founded in 1961, this family-run dealership is now the largest of its kind in New England; offering 13 different models of both new and used cars.

Upon the move, just seven years ago, from Portsmouth, down to Route 33 in Greenland, NH, Seacoast VW began a number of sustainable business processes that make it unlike any other car dealership. Most notably, in 2009, the dealership was approved for a Helix Wind Turbine. A plan initially rejected by the town due to height issues, Waterline Alternative Energy, was finally able to construct the ground-mounted system. This wind turbine, situated on the premise of the dealership, signifies to all, the dedication and commitment of Seacoast VW in reducing the company’s carbon footprint. A lofty, and yet, achievable goal.

Projects of this kind are seemingly endless at Seacoast VW. The dealership also installed a 19.2 kilowatt solar PV array on their rooftop generating nearly 30 percent of the dealership’s electricity. Clearly, Seacoast VW means business, not only in the car industry, but also in the renewable energy sector. However, as large and expansive as the renewable energy projects are, the dealership has also instituted small, yet significant changes in other aspects of the facility as well.

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All 60 parking lots are lit by high efficiency LED lighting; known to cut electricity needs by 75 percent. Just like the outside, the inside’s management is to match. An advanced recycling program; which includes using the garage’s waste oil to heat the premise and recycling all light bulbs, has allowed Seacoast VW to reduce its carbon footprint even further.

Doug Miles, the General Manager at Seacoast VW, makes it quite known just how committed the company truly is in terms of green operations. As a participant in the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association (NHADA) Energy Star Program, Seacoast VW is instituting environmental initiatives such as the Energy Star Challenge. The goal of reducing energy use by 10 percent, as part of the challenge, was surpassed by the dealership; which saw an 18 percent reduction in its energy bill in the last year.

And the dealership’s future appears to hold even more innovation and energy savings in store. Miles hopes to carry new models of hybrid and diesel Volkswagens as they come on to the market. As a Volkswagen dealership, a car company known to spend a great deal of money on researching new, cleaner more efficient technologies, Seacoast VW will most certainly remain at the forefront of cutting-edge vehicles.

Seacoast VW is a Green Alliance Business Partner; a union of local sustainable businesses promoting environmentally sound business practices and a green co-op offering discounted green products and services to its members.

GA members save 15% on all parts, accessories, and services at Seacoast VW.

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