News : Let There Be (Less Expensive, More Sustainable) Light

Dec 13, 2013

Originally published in the Portsmouth, Exeter, and Hampton-No. Hampton Patches on December 12, 2013. 

By Heikki Perry

PORTSMOUTH — Two months after Rockingham Electric loaned Liberty Mutual six LED lights to illuminate the parking lot at its Borthwick Avenue campus, Liberty Mutual decided to replace 55 of its less efficient metal halide lights with LEDs, which Rockingham supplied.

And that caused concern at the utility company.

“After we installed LED lights, the electric company thought that there might be something wrong with our meter. It noticed that our usage in the parking lot was down 56 percent in June,” explains Jeffrey LaPointe, manager of IT facilities at Liberty Mutual’s Portsmouth office. “It was kind of nice that we weren't the only one noticing the drop in our monthly electricity charge."

Notable is the fact that June is the month during the year with the most daylight, and therefore has the least need for artificial lighting. And every month since June 2013 has shown a 60 to 70 percent savings to Liberty Mutual with the LEDs as compared to the old metal halides, LaPointe says.

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