News : Green Collar Careers: Danis Chamberlin, print manager, RiverWorks Printing

Dec 16, 2013

Originally published by Theresa Conn on December 16th, 2013 at Foster's Online

Located in Greenland, the RiverWorks Printing production studio walls feature stunning images of flowers, landscapes, and famous places. Printed on eco-friendly Photo Tex material, the posters are far from ordinary; they’re biodegradable, more durable than poster paper, and function like a giant size sticker. The posters can be stuck and re-stuck onto most surfaces without losing adhesiveness or leaving behind residue.

That’s just one example of how RiverWorks Print Manager Danis Chamberlin is working to redefine the large-format print industry by offering cutting edge products that are both visually appealing and green at affordable prices. In an industry known for excess waste, RiverWorks Printing provides customers with a full suite of eco-friendly options, from biodegradable banners and recyclable posters to banner stands made from bamboo.

Bottles, cardboard, food containers, ink and ink cartridges, PVC, and paper – everything that can be recycled gets recycled at River Works Printing. By shifting more and more of their operations to eco-friendly methods and practices, the folks at RiverWorks hope to do their part in bringing these green options to the masses – even if the profits aren’t always as high.

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