News : Green Collar Careers: Angela Lambert, Owner of Ancient Traditions Natural Medicine

Dec 6, 2013

Originally published in The New Hampshire on December 6, 2013.

By Theresa Conn

Ancient Traditions Natural Medicine is a naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine center in Portsmouth, N.H. Angela Lambert, 47, has created a practice that uses different alternative medicine techniques to help clients with everything from food allergies to cancer.

“Essentially, I figure out what is out of balance within the body,” Lambert said. “I try to remind the body how it should naturally operate; often, the body has just forgotten.”

With a doctorate in natural medicine, a Master of Science in oriental medicine, and a dual bachelor’s degree in music therapy and music education, Lambert brings a variety of perspectives to her practice. Along with her passion for holistic health, Lambert is dedicated to operating her business with as little impact on the environment as possible. After all, Lambert believes that natural medicine and sustainability are “a perfect fit.”

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