News : Dining Out: Good Neopolitan pizza at 900 Degrees

Dec 27, 2013

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

By Rachel Forrest

I'm a big fan of the Neopolitan pizza style. A hot-as-Hades oven makes for a crust that has its own character. A lot of crunch, a touch of smoke, the little slightly charred bits I can pick off with my fingers and dip into sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes. I can't fold it in half like a New York-style slice, nor does the grease drip, scalding, down my arm (did anyone notice me lick it off?), but Neopolitan style comes second. 900 Degrees Pizzeria, first in Manchester and since October in Epping, has those hot-as-Hades ovens and they do Neopolitan well and, after some growing pains in service in the first few months, they're catching their stride...

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