News : Checking the state of the Seacoast business climate

Dec 13, 2013

Published in New Hampshire Business Review on December 13, 2013

NHBR asked several members of the Seacoast business community to give their take on some of the key issues facing the region as well as to offer their views on how the area’s economy is faring.

Those taking part were:
• Keith Bamford, CEO, Daystar, Portsmouth
• Jane Bard, president, The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire, Dover
• Dan Barufaldi, Dover economic development director
• Sarah Brown, director, Green Alliance, Portsmouth
• Al Felgar, president/CEO, Frisbie Memorial Hospital, Rochester
• Daniel Morrison, CEO, Optima Bank & Trust
• David Mullen, executive director, Pease Development Authority
• Heather Tacconi, Tacconi Law LLC and board member, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce

What are the strengths and weakness of the Seacoast economy?

Dan Barufaldi: The strengths are its location to and proximity to population and cultural concentrations, the quality of life in the region, high education levels of the population, diversified manufacturing, proximity to universities and their research capabilities.

Weaknesses are high land acquisition costs, high electricity costs, an aging population and lack of highly compensated employment opportunities in rural areas.

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