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Dining Out: Good Neopolitan pizza at 900 Degrees

Dec 27, 2013

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

By Rachel Forrest

I'm a big fan of the Neopolitan pizza style. A hot-as-Hades oven makes for a crust that has its own character. A lot of crunch, a touch of smoke, the little slightly charred bits I can pick off with my fingers and dip into sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes. I can't fold it in half like a New York-style slice, nor does the grease drip, scalding, down my arm (did anyone notice me lick it off?), but Neopolitan style comes second. 900 Degrees Pizzeria, first in Manchester and since October in Epping, has those hot-as-Hades ovens and they do Neopolitan well and, after some growing pains in service in the first few months, they're catching their stride...

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For Smuttynose, It's [Beer] Wagons West

Dec 27, 2013

Published in the Hampton Union

By Jim Cavan

HAMPTON — Before long, Smuttynose Brewing Company will officially christen its brand new, multi-use headquarters on Towle Farm Road in Hampton. Crowds will come, a celebration will ensue, and the next chapter of Smuttynose's already sterling story — craft brew pioneer, beloved Seacoast staple — will turn to new chapters.

Still, the impetus for bigger digs was as much practical as poetical, a fact that will be made abundantly clear next month, when Smuttynose officially broadens their distribution into California and Michigan...

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Meet a Green Alliance Business: TVC Systems

Dec 23, 2013

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

Who: TVC Systems

What: TVC Systems is a Portsmouth-based control and information systems integration company specializing in supervisory control and data acquisition systems. In a nutshell, it provides a way to control and monitor combined on-site energy systems in power plants, boiler and chiller plants, central utility plants, landfill gas facilities, wind turbine, hydro and other energy centers and critical facilities across sectors and industries, increasing their energy and operation efficiency.

Where: 284 Constitution Ave., Portsmouth


What makes them green:... Click here to read more!

ENH Power works to supply electricity at competitive rates

Dec 23, 2013

Originally published in Foster's Daily Democrat on December 23, 2013.

DOVER -- The Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce was pleased to welcome the ENH Power with a traditional ribbon cutting.

ENH Power is a New England-based competitive electricity supply company licensed by the New Hampshire public utilities commission to sell electricity directly to homes and small business served by PSNH, Unitil, and Liberty utilities.

While providing competitive electricity supply rates is what they do, it is also the vehicle that allows them to support community they consider an integral part of our existence. They understand that healthy communities are built through a strong interconnectedness between business and community organizations, and that they have a responsibility to the communities they serve.

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How and why to recycle Christmas e-waste

Dec 23, 2013

Originally published in Seacoast Sunday and Portsmouth Patch on December 22, 2013. 

PORTSMOUTH — Following tradition, MJ Shoer of Jenaly Technology Group presents his annual "gift giving guide for the techie in your life" in these pages, offering suggestions for "some fun and functional tech gadgets for your gift giving."

While the products tug at the techie in all of us, what to do with old electronic devices poses a serious question. From cellphones to laptops to battery-powered gadgets, the growing amount of electronic waste, also known as e-waste, brings to light the importance of proper e-waste disposal, as the toxic materials in electronics have harmful environmental and health effects.

Natural Dog Takes To Heart "Man's Best Friend"

Dec 20, 2013

Originally published at Seacoast Online on December 19th, 2013.

For as famous as the old adage is, “man’s best friends” – how we feed, treat, and care for them – have traditionally been given pretty short shrift.
So long as it’s edible or durable, we’re often willing to look past the actual product and the people and practices behind it – especially if it means paying a little less at the checkout counter.

It’s an attitude that Dawn and Jeff Price are trying to change one leash and treat at a time.

As the two principles behind The Natural Dog and Holistic Cat, the Prices have already proven that offering more all-natural, organic, and responsibly manufactured pet foods and goods can be a recipe for sustainable success.

You can read the full story here.

Natural Dog Takes To Heart "Man's Best Friend"

Dec 20, 2013

Originally published in the Portsmouth, Exeter, Hampton-North Hampton, Andover, and North Andover Patches, and Seacoast Online on December 19th, 2013. 

For as famous as the old adage is, “man’s best friends” – how we feed, treat, and care for them – have traditionally been given pretty short shrift.
So long as it’s edible or durable, we’re often willing to look past the actual product and the people and practices behind it – especially if it means paying a little less at the checkout counter.

It’s an attitude that Dawn and Jeff Price are trying to change one leash and treat at a time.

As the two principles behind The Natural Dog and Holistic Cat, the Prices have already proven that offering more all-natural, organic, and responsibly manufactured pet foods and goods can be a recipe for sustainable success.

Green Collar Careers: Danis Chamberlin, print manager, RiverWorks Printing

Dec 16, 2013

Originally published by Theresa Conn on December 16th, 2013 at Foster's Online

Located in Greenland, the RiverWorks Printing production studio walls feature stunning images of flowers, landscapes, and famous places. Printed on eco-friendly Photo Tex material, the posters are far from ordinary; they’re biodegradable, more durable than poster paper, and function like a giant size sticker. The posters can be stuck and re-stuck onto most surfaces without losing adhesiveness or leaving behind residue.

That’s just one example of how RiverWorks Print Manager Danis Chamberlin is working to redefine the large-format print industry by offering cutting edge products that are both visually appealing and green at affordable prices. In an industry known for excess waste, RiverWorks Printing provides customers with a full suite of eco-friendly options, from biodegradable banners and recyclable posters to banner stands made from bamboo.

Bottles, cardboard, food containers, ink and ink cartridges, PVC, and paper – everything that can be recycled gets recycled at River Works Printing. By shifting more and more of their operations to eco-friendly methods and practices, the folks at RiverWorks hope to do their part in bringing these green options to the masses – even if the profits aren’t always as high.

You can read the full article at Foster's Online here.

Meet a Green Alliance Business: Minute Men Painters

Dec 16, 2013

Originally published on December 16th, 2013 at Seacoast Online

Who: Minute Men Painters

What: Minute Men Painters is a residential and commercial painting company committed to providing reliable and professional services to every improvement project. The company specializes in painting with non-toxic, environmentally friendly products. Minute Men is a customer-oriented company, through long-term and full-time employees who are background checked. They not only spray homes, but spray furniture, apply Bar Glaze and other specialized finishes.

Where: 909 Islington St., Unit 5, Portsmouth

Web: Request a free estimate online or call 234-4698

What makes them green:

  • Offers no- and low volatile organic compounds paints along with other environmentally friendly paints and products.
  • They have researched no- and low-volatile organic compliant paints that perform and last just as well as regular paints.
  • Since the federal Environment Protection Agency changes, Minute Men Painters has fulfilled all certifications and continued training needs to keep you and your family safe, which makes them LEED certified.
  • All Green Alliance businesses are green certified. Read Minute Men's full certification documents and learn more about their sustainability initiatives and those of more than 100 other local businesses at

You can read the full article at Seacoast Online here.

New Insulation Gives Customers Green Middle Ground

Dec 13, 2013

Origonally published in The Granite State Sentinal on December 13, 2013

By. Jim Cavan

SALISBURY – For all the recent strides made in the realm of home energy efficiency, the development of new, ultra-green insulations has been one of the most impressive.

But while resources like solar, wind, and geothermal remain the green revolution’s eye-catching totems, there’s a growing recognition that true energy efficiency begins with what’s lining the home’s walls, nooks, and crannies – “the “envelope”, in green-speak.

“People are starting to realize how important having the right kind of insulation can be,” explains Candace Lord, General Manager of The Green Cocoon, Inc., a Salisbury company specializing in green insulation alternatives. “If heat or cold is escaping from your home at a high rate, what difference does having solar panels on your roof make?”

Check out The Granite State Sentinel website here, they only post the front page online so for the rest of the story pick up a c

Let There Be (Less Expensive, More Sustainable) Light

Dec 13, 2013

Originally published in the Portsmouth, Exeter, and Hampton-No. Hampton Patches on December 12, 2013. 

By Heikki Perry

PORTSMOUTH — Two months after Rockingham Electric loaned Liberty Mutual six LED lights to illuminate the parking lot at its Borthwick Avenue campus, Liberty Mutual decided to replace 55 of its less efficient metal halide lights with LEDs, which Rockingham supplied.

And that caused concern at the utility company.

“After we installed LED lights, the electric company thought that there might be something wrong with our meter. It noticed that our usage in the parking lot was down 56 percent in June,” explains Jeffrey LaPointe, manager of IT facilities at Liberty Mutual’s Portsmouth office. “It was kind of nice that we weren't the only one noticing the drop in our monthly electricity charge."

Notable is the fact that June is the month during the year with the most daylight, and therefore has the least need for artificial lighting. And every month since June 2013 has shown a 60 to 70 percent savings to Liberty Mutual with the LEDs as compared to the old metal halides, LaPointe says.

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Checking the state of the Seacoast business climate

Dec 13, 2013

Published in New Hampshire Business Review on December 13, 2013

NHBR asked several members of the Seacoast business community to give their take on some of the key issues facing the region as well as to offer their views on how the area’s economy is faring.

Those taking part were:
• Keith Bamford, CEO, Daystar, Portsmouth
• Jane Bard, president, The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire, Dover
• Dan Barufaldi, Dover economic development director
• Sarah Brown, director, Green Alliance, Portsmouth
• Al Felgar, president/CEO, Frisbie Memorial Hospital, Rochester
• Daniel Morrison, CEO, Optima Bank & Trust
• David Mullen, executive director, Pease Development Authority
• Heather Tacconi, Tacconi Law LLC and board member, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce

What are the strengths and weakness of the Seacoast economy?

Dan Barufaldi: The strengths are its location to and proximity to population and cultural concentrations, the quality of life in the region, high education levels of the population, diversified manufacturing, proximity to universities and their research capabilities.

Weaknesses are high land acquisition costs, high electricity costs, an aging population and lack of highly compensated employment opportunities in rural areas.

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Polar Grill Fest to Benefit 3S Artspace

Dec 11, 2013

Published in the Portsmouth Herald on December 10th, 2013

By Charles McMahon

PORTSMOUTH — Proceeds from next month's Polar Grill Fest will go toward 3S Artspace and its bid to create New Hampshire's first nonprofit, multidisciplinary contemporary arts space, an organizer said.

The third annual Polar Grill Fest, which is a collaboration of The Meat House and Redhook Ale Brewery, will take place from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 25.

Held at Redhook, the winter grilling festival features area restaurants, live music, fire pits, ice bars, beer and a barbecue competition among some of the area's top restaurants.

The winner of the competition will take home the Best in Snow award.

Since launching the event in 2012, The Meat House and Redhook have entertained back-to-back sell-out crowds of more than 3,000 people.

The event is open to all ages. The entrance fee is $5.

To read the full story in the Porsmouth Herald, click here

Seacoast Volkswagen, a Car Dealership Unlike Any Other

Dec 11, 2013

Published in the Seacoast Online Green Alliance Blog on December 10th, 2013. 

By Meghan Curtis

GREENLAND — With a host of green initiatives occurring at an almost infinite rate, Seacoast Volkswagen is one of the green leaders in the car industry. Founded in 1961, this family-run dealership is now the largest of its kind in New England; offering 13 different models of both new and used cars.

Upon the move, just seven years ago, from Portsmouth, down to Route 33 in Greenland, NH, Seacoast VW began a number of sustainable business processes that make it unlike any other car dealership. Most notably, in 2009, the dealership was approved for a Helix Wind Turbine. A plan initially rejected by the town due to height issues, Waterline Alternative Energy, was finally able to construct the ground-mounted system. This wind turbine, situated on the premise of the dealership, signifies to all, the dedication and commitment of Seacoast VW in reducing the company’s carbon footprint. A lofty, and yet, achievable goal.

Projects of this kind are seemingly endless at Seacoast VW. The dealership also installed a 19.2 kilowatt solar PV array on their rooftop generating nearly 30 percent of the dealership’s electricity. Clearly, Seacoast VW means business, not only in the car industry, but also in the renewable energy sector. However, as large and expansive as the renewable energy projects are, the dealership has also instituted small, yet significant changes in other aspects of the facility as well.

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Solar energy project nearly finished in Durham

Dec 10, 2013

Published in Foster's Daily Democrat on December 8th, 2013.

By Casey Conley

DURHAM — Construction is nearly finished on a $410,000 solar energy project that will power three town buildings and sharply reduce the town’s carbon footprint.

Best of all, the panels atop the Durham Public Library, the Churchill Rink and the Durham Police Department were installed at no cost to local taxpayers.

The town partnered on the project with ReVision Energy, a Maine company that has a large facility in Exeter. The company will own and operate the panels for at least the next six years. In the seventh year, the town has the option to buy that equipment for about 70 percent less than the installation price.

Meantime, the town will pay ReVision for any power the panels generate. That electricity will cost Durham no more than what it already pays for power.

“We won’t see power bills drop as a result of this installation for the next six years,” Durham town administrator Todd Selig said. “But the benefit is we are reducing our carbon footprint and relying on the sun for energy instead of fossil fuels.”

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Green Collar Careers: Angela Lambert, Owner of Ancient Traditions Natural Medicine

Dec 6, 2013

Originally published in The New Hampshire on December 6, 2013.

By Theresa Conn

Ancient Traditions Natural Medicine is a naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine center in Portsmouth, N.H. Angela Lambert, 47, has created a practice that uses different alternative medicine techniques to help clients with everything from food allergies to cancer.

“Essentially, I figure out what is out of balance within the body,” Lambert said. “I try to remind the body how it should naturally operate; often, the body has just forgotten.”

With a doctorate in natural medicine, a Master of Science in oriental medicine, and a dual bachelor’s degree in music therapy and music education, Lambert brings a variety of perspectives to her practice. Along with her passion for holistic health, Lambert is dedicated to operating her business with as little impact on the environment as possible. After all, Lambert believes that natural medicine and sustainability are “a perfect fit.”

To read the rest of the article, visit here in The New Hampshire. 

Holiday Social to Help Local Youths

Dec 4, 2013

Published in Portsmouth Herald on Decmber 4th, 2013

PORTSMOUTH — Two local organizations dedicated to good deeds are collaborating to help children in need.

ENH Power is hosting the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Seacoast Holiday Social from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 5, at the Green Alliance Atrium, 75 Congress St., Suite 304.

Attendees who bring an item from the Big Brothers Big Sisters wish list will be entered into a raffle to receive free electricity for one year, donated by ENH Power. Wish list items include bedding, warm clothes, toys, gift cards, hygiene products, stocking stuffers and nonperishable food items. For the complete wish list, visit

"Every year, we use items from the wish list to make food, gift and hygiene baskets for local families in desperate need during the holiday season," said BBBS Executive Director Stacy Kramer.

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Important Workshop to Give Citizens Say on Location of Energy Projects

Dec 3, 2013

Originally published in the Portsmouth, Exeter, and Hampton-North Hampton Patches on December 3rd, 2013. 

By Herb Perry 

NEWINGTON — Seacoast-area residents will have a unique opportunity to express opinions on changes to the way energy projects — including renewable energy projects — are sited in New Hampshire.

On Monday, Dec. 9, the N.H. Office of Energy and Planning (OEP) will hold an interactive citizen-input workshop at the Town of Newington Main Hall for residents to suggest how the state could improve the State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) process. The SEC makes important decisions about the siting of energy facilities, including renewable energy, transmission lines, and pipelines.

This project is a result of Senate Bill 99, which requires the OEP to seek public input on potential changes to New Hampshire’s energy siting process. The workshop will include brief presentations on the current SEC process, challenges and alternatives; discussions with other citizens; and polling on attendees’ option preferences. New Hampshire residents can also provide additional comments directly to the OEP at the end of the workshop, or via email any time.

For the rest of the story, visit here at the Portsmouth Patch. 

Meet a Green Business - Prelude

Dec 3, 2013

Originally published on December 02, 2013 in the Portsmouth Herald.

Who: Prelude

What: Located in the heart of downtown Portsmouth, Prelude offers unique, locally made, organic bath and beauty products, personal accessories, timeless jewelry and much more.

Where: 65 Market St. (

What makes it green:

- Offers a number of all-natural, organic products.
- Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products are certified organic.
- Large number of products sourced locally.
- All Green Alliance businesses are green-certified.

Read Prelude's full certification documents, and learn more about its sustainability initiatives and those of more than 100 other local businesses at

You can read the article on Seacoast Online at here.

UNH Grads Lead Plan to Reduce Waste on Regional Campuses

Dec 3, 2013

Originally published in the Granite State Sentinel on November 22nd, 2013.

DURHAM - For Alex Freid and Brett Chamberlin, the past month has been a heady whirlwind of high profile meetings and prestigious accolades, cross-country flights and Nobel handshakes.

Now, the brains behind the Post Landfill Action Network (PLAN), a non-profit organization committed to reducing waste on college campuses, are setting their sights on what lies ahead for their momentum-charged movement.

Freid and Chamberlin, both 22, might know where they're going and how to get there, but Marcom4 - a branding, messaging, and content development company based in Greenland - is making sure PLAN's brand becomes as powerful as the message itself.

You can read the full article on the Granite State Sentinel website here.

ReVision Energy and the Children’s Museum in Dover Host a Toy Drive

Dec 3, 2013

Published in the Portsmouth, Exeter, Hampton-North Hampton, Andover, and North Andover Patches on December 3rd, 2013.

Green Alliance Writer

DOVER — The season of giving has arrived, and ReVision Energy is at the forefront of it all. In collaboration with the Children’s Museum in Dover, a Toy Drive will be taking place on Friday, Dec. 6 in Dover, NH for the Dover Fire Toy Bank. This is the second year of the toy drive. The toys collected will benefit local kids in need; helping to bringing light, love, and happiness to their holidays.

ReVision Energy is a business partner with the Green Alliance, a union of local sustainable businesses promoting environmentally sound business practices and a green co-op offering discounted green products and services to its members.

Heather, from ReVision, will be standing outside the museum awaiting the arrival of new, unwrapped toys. If you do not come with a toy in hand, the Museum Shop will be open from 5:30- 8:00 p.m. at just $1 per person, where great items can be purchased.

While the weather is still bearable, take your family out on the town in Dover, NH. It will be a night full of festivities. The Museum’s Dollar Deal Night, and the City of the Dover’s annual Tree Lighting will be taking place as well. Henry Law Park, located just outside the museum will be full of holiday spirit with caroling and appearances by both Mr. & Mrs. Claus.

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