News : Meet a Green Alliance Business

Nov 25, 2013

Published in the Portsmouth Herald on November 25, 2013.

Who: AutoBeGreen

What: Opened in Exeter in 2011, AutoBeGreen offers a number of green alternatives to everyday automotive products, including lifetime air filters, biodegradable cleaners, shines and protectants, API Certified biodegradable motor oils, biodegradable greases, lubricants, recyclable wiper blades and an "ecometer," a gauge that allows drivers to visually monitor how their driving style affects fuel consumption.

Where: 98 Epping Road, Exeter and online

What makes them green:

  • Family has been practicing environmental awareness for generations.
  • Helping many universities, schools and other institutions "go green."
  • Offers green alternatives for cars, trucks and boats.

All GA businesses are green certified. Read AutoBeGreen's full certification documents, and learn more about their sustainability initiatives and those of more than 100 other local businesses

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