News : Marcom4 Helps Local Movement Find Marketing Groove

Nov 15, 2013

Originally published in Seacoast Online, the Portsmouth, Exeter, Hampton-North Hampton, Andover, and North Andover Patches on November 14, 2013.


For Alex Freid and Brett Chamberlin, the past month has been a heady whirlwind of high profile meetings and prestigious accolades, cross-country flights and Nobel handshakes.

Now, the brains behind the Post Landfill Action Network (PLAN), a non-profit organization committed to reducing waste on college campuses, are setting their sights on what lies ahead for their momentum-charged movement.

Freid and Chamberlin, both 22, might know where they’re going and how to get there, but Marcom4 – a branding, messaging, and content development company based in Greenland – is making sure PLAN’s brand becomes as powerful as the message itself.

“We’re helping them apply a communication and marketing strategy, and doing it in as simple a way as possible,” says Andrea Knowles, Marcom4’s director of marketing strategy. “Their growth potential is just enormous – anyone who meets them can see that. So we’re just trying to help them take that next big step.”

“Exactly,” adds Jane Cutter, Marcom4’s director of client development. “PLAN is a great idea that is fast becoming a movement. How far Alex and Brett have come already is fabulous.”

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