News : Maine Town Looks to the Sun for Power, Savings and Sustainability

Nov 19, 2013

Originally published in the Portsmouth, Exeter, and Hampton-North Hampton Patches on November 19, 2013.

By Herb Perry 

ELIOT, Maine — On a brightly sunny Saturday morning, the town of Eliot showcased the new solar panel system that sits atop the town garage roof and powers the garage, the transfer station and half of the police department’s electricity.

The town of Eliot has taken a big step toward becoming more sustainable, and over the course of several decades, that effort will also save the town hundreds of thousands of dollars.

ReVision Energy, a renewable energy contractor serving Northern New England, installed the system, and on Nov. 2, the town held an informational tour about it for a small number of Eliot residents, members of the Eliot Energy Committee and the Board of Selectmen, and the town public works staff. ReVision representative Josh Barton was on hand to answer questions and help with the tour.

Attendees came away impressed by the 150-solar panel system on the roof of the town garage, which is located on Dow Highway south of Marshwood Junior High School. The tour started in the front of the garage with an overview of cost and energy savings the solar array will afford the town. With the south-facing solar panels in view, attendees learned about the solar array and about other equipment in and on the building. Attendees were shown how the power meter works, and they learned about the logistics of CMP producing power when the solar panels are not and when the reverse occurs.

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