News : Help Through Harvest With Great Works Chiropractic & Wellness

Nov 26, 2013

Originally published by Jim Cavan on November 26th, 2013 at Portsmouth Patch, Hampton-North Hampton Patch, Exeter, Patch, Andover Patch, North Andover Patch, and Seacoast Online

Anyone lucky enough to have health insurance and paid days off probably wouldn’t think twice about staying home to rest a sore back. But with crops to harvest, others to plant, and an endless slate of exacting tasks to manage, most farmers don’t have that luxury.

Dr. Seth LaFlamme is aiming to change that.

Starting this winter, LaFlamme will accept surplus produce from local farmers in exchange for services from his practice, Great Works Chiropractic & Wellness.

“It’s a labor of love for them,” says Dr. Seth, who runs Great Works along with his wife, Dr. Briana Duga. “They’re using their body very intensely, for the purpose of feeding the people around them and getting us away from our over-reliance on industrial agriculture. I feel like that deserves recognition and a kind of special consideration.”

A regular at local farms and markets, Dr. Seth – his preferred title – says he’s been approached a number of times over the years by farmers who expressed interest in stopping in, but who in many cases simply couldn’t justify the cost.

Now, all they’ll have to worry about is grabbing a canvas bag of what’s lying around.

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