News : Electronic Waste Collection: Providing Free and Responsible Recycling of Your E-Waste

Nov 8, 2013

Published in the Portsmouth, Exeter, Hampton-North Hampton, Andover and North Andover Patches on November 8th, 2013.


Green Alliance Writer

PORTSMOUTH — The Holidays are right around the corner, and the gift-giving season is well underway. From the most recent Apple products to the newest tablets and cell-phones, this season – while a time for celebration – will undoubtedly be filled with replacements and waste.

Replacement of what, you ask? Look left, look right, and straight ahead. That two-year old cell phone with a pending upgrade is bound for the trash barrel in no time. That bulky laptop, once the thinnest of its kind, is no longer. Unlike your laptop, the new tablets can cozy up with you in bed, and can slip daintily into your handbag with ease.

Epiphany after epiphany, you begin to realize your technology is no longer sufficient. You need more, you wish for more, and yes, you receive more. The remnants of the holiday season will most likely include swaths of old cell phones, laptops, phone chargers, and printers.

So instead of tossing those harmful devices into a nearby trashcan – which is imminently destined for a local or not so local landfill – bring them to the Green Alliance headquarters.

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Teaming up to provide a simple and convenient e-waste disposal service for seacoast residents, Metalwave and the Green Alliance have begun a FREE Electronic Waste Collection at the Green Alliance office in downtown Portsmouth. It is of the utmost importance to keep these environmentally harmful products from entering landfills – locally or internationally. Toxic materials held within most electronics will eventually enter the environment, and pose serious, harmful effects for the planet.

Metalwave, Inc, located in Amesbury, Massachuseets, provides local consumers with an incredible source for electronic waste recycling services. Using the highest standards in terms of security and environmental stewardship, Metalwave is helping prevent massive amounts of toxic waste from entering landfills. Upon receiving an electronic, employees disassemble the item, and remove salvageable materials. The precision that is promised through hands-on labor of this type ensures reliable disposal and reuse of the products.

The time has come to take responsibility for the destination of your cell phones and laptops. With resources like the GA-Metalwave bin, you can rest assured that your discarded electronics will wind up in the hands of specialists trained to ensure quality disposal. Neither environment nor humans deserve the wrath of e-waste. Dispose of your old cell phone, laptop, and chargers in the GA collection bin and feel good about the gifts you’re giving this season.

Accepted Items:

· Batteries

· Cell phones

· Laptops

· Keyboards

· Memory Cards

· Phone Chargers

· Printers

Location of drop-off:

Green Alliance Office

75 Congress St.

3rd Floor, Suite 304

Portsmouth, NH

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 10AM-6PM

Metalwave Inc. is Business Partner with Green Alliance, a union of local sustainable businesses promoting environmentally sound business practices and a green co-op offering discounted green products and services to its members.

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