News : Site Structures Provides You and Your Pets with the Greenest, Safest Lawn Care Solutions

Oct 31, 2013

Published in the Portsmouth Patch, Exeter Patch, and Hampton-North Hampton Patch on October 31st, 2013.


Green Alliance Staff Writer

ELIOT, Maine — Dogs, like humans, get hungry. Whilst playing in the grass, they will most likely do the inevitable: chewing, eating, and enjoying the wonderful grass, flowers, and other green items that make up your front lawn. This parcel of land that you have fed, watered, and trimmed is now part of your dog’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. Such innocuous activities as eating grass should never result in the dangers that some have unfortunately encountered.

Michele Lowry, the creator and owner of Nikoe Natural Therapies, a human and pet therapy clinic that offers individual Reiki healing sessions, recently learned of a sad story about a dear friend’s dog. Lowry’s friend began noticing strange symptoms coming from the dog, and could not find a reason for these symptoms.

After a few therapeutic and rejuvenating days at the Nikoe facility in Eliot, Maine, the dog began to recuperate from the debilitating effects that some claim Roundup has on the health of dogs. This potentially dangerous chemical that is all too often used on our perfectly manicured lawns may be showing awful impacts on pets.

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The time has arrived to begin transitioning from our “want” for a green lawn, to a “need” for a chemical free lawn. The need has become a reality through the availability of local landscape companies that are dedicated to providing high quality service, using sustainable designs and chemical-free alternatives. Site Structures Landscape, Inc., operating out of Eliot, Maine, has a crew of highly specialized landscapers who utilize their obsession of detail and highly honed expertise to create the yard of your dreams.

As a Green Alliance Business Partner — a union of local sustainable businesses promoting environmentally sound business practices and a green co-op offering discounted green products and services to its members — Site Structures certainly uses the greenest techniques and processes. Charlie Bourdages, the founder, along with Ben Woods, Stacey Scontras, and the rest of the Site Structures team, consistently provide customers with green lawn care options that take the worry out of every pet owner. With an outstanding balance set between the aesthetic beauty that all homeowners are yearning for, and a healthy environment that all living beings are dependent upon, it’s no wonder Site Structures has thrived in the market since 1996.

With a company mantra of “Honor the beauty that surrounds,” Bourdages and his team continually play a vital role in preserving the natural environment we live in. Pet owners from all around no longer need to plastic wrap their lawns to prevent sickness in their dogs. A better alternative? Allow Site Structures, the eco-friendly local landscaper to provide love, care, and green therapy to your front yard.

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