News : Little Green Homes Rides Housing Roller Coaster

Oct 18, 2013

 Originally published to Foster's Daily Democrat on October 14, 2013

GREENLAND -- Like four-wheeling through a forest fire or sailing a skimmer into a hurricane – that’s what Chris Redmond faced when he launched his building company, Little Green Homes (LGH), in the middle of 2007.

The only difference being that Redmond couldn’t know the severity of the economic tumult ahead, like just about everyone else rolling the dice on a new business ahead of the biggest financial blowup since the Great Depression.

“The housing crash definitely wasn’t the ideal way to start,” Redmond recalls. “It tested our mettle right off the bat, that’s for sure.”

At the same time, part of Redmond had always known the reckoning would eventually come – the part of him that had borne witness to the propensity of many in his industry to choose size and shortcuts over quality and efficiency. The phenomenon eventually gave birth to its own pop culture euphemism: McMansion, the derisive placeholder for a home or development where façade and avarice carried the day.

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